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Charting New Waters: The Wharf Miami's Farewell Paves Path for Spectacular Entertainment Complex

In an exciting turn of events, The Wharf Miami has shared its plans to gracefully bow out, making room for an enthralling expansion of the Riverside Wharf development.

Brought to life through the creative minds of Emi Guerra from Breakwater Hospitality Group and Alex Mantecon from MV Real Estate Holdings (MVREH), The Wharf Miami made a profound mark by embracing its unique concept of an open-air waterfront experience. Its role in elevating the Miami River District into a thriving hub for entertainment remains undeniable.

The Initial Vision: Developer Mantecon's original vision was anchored in authenticity for Miami. He envisaged a creation that would resonate genuinely with the city's essence. Given the rarity of waterfront locales, the aspiration was to craft something truly unparalleled. Despite tempting overtures from national brands showcasing diverse concepts, Mantecon stood resolute in safeguarding the riverfront's quintessential Miami character.

Turning the Page: The final chapter for The Wharf Miami unfolds on a significant note, bidding farewell on Saturday, September 16th. The two-day celebration, aptly named "The Closing Parties: Bon Voyage," embarks at 4 p.m. on Friday, September 15th, taking attendees on a nostalgic expedition through the venue's iconic events over the past half-decade.

A Glimpse into Tomorrow: With the necessary permits secured for a new seawall, Guerra and Mantecon are poised to embark on their initial steps towards materializing their vision of a distinguished entertainment complex.

In the upcoming months, groundwork will commence on Riverside Wharf—an ambitious $185 million endeavor spread across 1.5 acres and two striking towers, anticipated to unveil in 2025. Aptly referred to as a "city within a city," this exceptional entertainment hub will house a 165-key Dream Hotel, a medley of dining and nightlife destinations, and a private marina. A collaborative effort between Alex Mantecon, Emi Guerra, and Driftwood Capital, this venture promises to redefine the landscape of entertainment.

Leaving an Imprint: Guerra affirms the community that the cherished elements of the open-air gem will endure. From the diverse culinary offerings to spaces for people and boat observation, and zones designed for outdoor camaraderie, dancing, and libations—the essence that captivated hearts remains unwavering.

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